[resolved] Heroku and Github : Items could not be retrieved, Internal server error

I’m beginning with Heroku and I simply want to connect to my GitHub account. When I do it, I get this error message as a small red pop-up on the upper right side of the page: Items could not be retrieved, Internal server error. Could someone help me, please?

This is due to an issue reported at their status portal, here.

For now, the solution is to use another pushing strategy. The best one, for now, is using their remote with Heroku CLI. The steps for it are:

1. Install the Heroku CLI if not yet installed

Further information about installation and setup can get here

2. Perform login with the heroku login command

You will be prompted with your default browser window for completing the login at the Heroku portal.

3. Assuming you already have your app set up at Heroku (if not, please follow this), you just need to add a new remote for your git repo with Heroku CLI.

Run heroku git:remote -a example-app – substitute “example-app” with your app name.

4. git remote -v to check if the remote has been set successfully

You should see something like this appear as a response

heroku  https://git.heroku.com/your-app-name.git (fetch)
heroku  https://git.heroku.com/your-app-name.git (push)

5. Push your branch to the new heroku remote

git push heroku your_branch_name

6. You should see the progress of your deployment being displayed in the terminal

The reference for this answer has been taken from here, which can also be used if further information other than the one provided in this answer is needed.